Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies! Please check this site each week for specific homework information. Also, check your JumpRope grades weekly. If you have any missing assignments, please come see us during lunch or after school. Also, if you are absent, please talk to a classmate or teacher about what you missed. All missed work should be completed within two days of the absence. 

Ms. Rosenfield and Ms. Pajerowski

Week of May 7
States quiz (location and spelling) on Thursday

Week of April 30
Bill of Rights current event write up (summary, opinion, connection) due Tue

Week of April 23
Constitution final exam on Tuesday

Week of April 16
Turn in 20 completed vocab note cards on Wednesday

Week of April 9
Complete current events, if did not do so already and come in with 25 vocab note cards by Friday.

Week of March 26
Find two articles in the news that connect to govt - write up of a half page for each one (summary/opinion/connection to class content)

Week of March 12
Find internet resource on tableaux topic and either print out/highlight or write down five new pieces of info - due Thursday.

Week of March 5
Declaration of Independence analysis due Thursday

Week of February 26
Complete case study SS reflection for SLC

Week of February 12
Open notes quiz on Thursday

Week of February 5
Complete Incident/Massacre writing piece

 January 28
Make-up week for missed tests and assignments

Week of January 21
Vocab quiz on Tuesday

Week of January 15 
Complete 15 vocab note cards (with picture and definition in own words)

Week of January 8
If you missed quiz, come in at lunch on Tue, Wed, or Thurs

Week of January 2
Quiz on the 13 Colonies and also resupply (paper/pens/pencils/index cards/sharpener or extra lead) by Friday 

Week of December 18
Complete and turn in THM packet by Friday

Week of December 11
Extra credit: Turn your New Amsterdam scene into a full color picture or poster by Friday.

Week of December 4
Web research due next Tue (12/12). Use search terms “New Amsterdam" and also your THM character's 
job or role or ethnic/religious group.
Either print out info and text code or read and write out eight new facts/ideas.

Week of November 27
Complete your visual concept map of the WHYs and HOWs of European Expansion into the New World.

Week of November 20
Extra credit opportunities. Complete the NYC Monument Survey online or cover this week's news about the monument hearing in Queens. Turn in next Monday.

Week of November 13
If in-class assessment (connection between geography and NAs) was not completed, do at home and turn in by Friday

Week of November 6
Re-edited final letter due on Friday

Week of October 30
Letter to mayor due Friday (email, share, print or hand write).

Week of October 23
Research one of the controversial NYC monuments covered in class. Write down five+ new facts or ideas about the person or the controversy, by Wednesday.

Week of October 16
Due Wed - Complete Culture Presentation (see rubric)

Week of October 9
Due Wed - Complete Cultures Brainstorm sheet (5-7 rows plus TREES paragraph at bottom).

Week of October 2
Quiz retake opportunity is Wed at lunch.  

Week of September 25
10 items/10 places due Thursday. Posters graded on Friday (lunch work sessions on Tue, Thurs, and Fri)

Week of September 18
Study for quiz on Wednesday (continents/oceans/vocab)

Week of September 11
*Have parent/guardian sign and return bottom of expectations letter and have all materials (listed in the letter) by Wednesday
*Bring in item that represents you in this moment for the class time capsule - due Fri